Zach Gulde Open Source Portfolio

Lesson on Relationships in Spring Boot

This is an asynchronous "treasure map" style lesson I put together on the topic of how to implement relationships between entities in Spring Boot.

Check out the interactive lesson treasure map and the supporting GitHub repo.


I really enjoy making simple animations to explain concepts visually. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it follows that every animation frame adds 1,000 times the explanatory power.

Here's a quick example of one:

Check out this page to see some more animations I've made to explain statistics concepts.


cods is a deployment tool that automates the setup of, and deployment to, a server with a MySQL database and virtual hosting through nginx which reverse proxies to node.js, python, php, or java web applications, or serves static sites.

Learn more about it.


hlre is a TUI app that shows the matches of a python flavored regular expression as you type it.

Learn more about it, or install it and play with it yourself!

python3 -m pip install hlre

Pandas Extensions

I built a python module that adds a bunch of additional methods that I frequently use to pandas' data frames and series objects.

import zgulde.extend_pandas

Check out the module itself or the repo that contains it for various other python data science goodies (like my data viz helper function).


Here are some other miscellaneous projects that I'm also fairly fond of: