About Me

My name is Zach, or, more formally, Zachary. While I like to think I am many things to many different people, this site is mainly devoted to my techy side. I currently work for Codeup, which is a program that turns people from all walks of life into web developers.

I enjoy automating things, solving puzzles, finding more efficient ways to do things, and playing with shiny new technologies. I like programming everything from quick and dirty glue scripts to large scale applications.

Currently, I'm pretty fond of ruby for anything mildly scripting related, and Java for anything that needs to be reliable, maintainable, and testable (although the new type annotations in PHP 7 look pretty sweet).

Apart from programming, I like music and playing the guitar, and combining that with programming when possible. To that end, I've played with sonic pi, and am currently experimenting with overtone.

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